Burning Embers: Arenith

Burning Embers is set in Arenith, an empire that has been crumbling for three hundred years.

A world of political turmoil, the inhabitants are caught between the power struggles of Kings, Queens and everyone else who wants to rule.

Burning Embers is my debut novel – due to be released on the 1st of December.

Burning Embers is available for pre-order on Amazon, but you can also purchase a signed copy directly in the shop. Oooooh.

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Because I’m not ready to leave Arenith behind, I’m also making available a series of short stories set in the shattered empire available. The first of these is The Last Charter and it’s available for free!

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More about Burning Embers…

This is a book baby that I’ve been working on for several years (decades) and I’m so excited to finally release it upon the world. I really hope that you enjoy reading it, and I would love to hear from you if you have (and probably if you haven’t as well!)

Here is the new – updated and fancy blurb for Burning Embers #BE

The empire has been crumbling for three hundred years. But among the kingdoms fighting for dominance, Feia must learn that the most powerful thing in any world, is to be able to accept and love who you are. 

Abandoned as an infant at a Temple, it is time for Feia to break free. Persecuted and held at knife-point, she is forced to defend herself and destructive magic awakens within. This new power brings premonitions of her homeland, Arngeir destroyed by a mysterious army. In order to warn the nobility, and save Arngeir, Feia must leave everything behind and make the dangerous journey north.

Beyond the Temple boundaries there is no protection from the elements, the dangers of the road or the Champions of Light, hunters of anyone who dares to be different.

Her power could be her salvation or her damnation.

A young adult fantasy, with danger, romance and a desperate need for self-discovery.