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Tag: charity

An Alternate Reality

I love it when an plan comes together. I’ve always been very fortunate to have a loving family and generous friends. Minus a few scary hours, in Montreal, I’ve always […]

A prize for everyone!

A timely response to today’s prompt Champion When you’ve been working on a project for so long, you can be accused of developing tunnel vision. Your project is a culmination of […]

So Many Plans…

What am I working on now? Well, my amazing cousin Alex is approaching the final stages of his ten adventures. It’s been emotional folks! But as a final project in […]

Memory lives

More than her years So forevermore she will remain More than one who has left us Because she stays In the words that we say And the ones that we […]

8 Days To Go…

I’ve been harking on for the last couple of months about raising money for charity – sorry! But it’s an issue close to my heart. My lovely cousin, who is […]

In the water

Happy New Year All! I’m a bit slow on the uptake with well wishings and holiday things this year as I’ve been all around the country and Ireland to see […]

Where I’m hiding…

Hi All! Life, as before is super busy! I will of course be coming back to this blog to put up little interesting tidbits… However I’m going to be focusing […]