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Tag: editing

The Dragon’s Bride

I’m Writing for the Poisoned Well is going well! I’m getting closer and closer to the end and then the editing will begin in earnest. However, for now I thought that […]

Scratches on the Surface

In my foolish endeavor to return to my prolific blogging self I’ll be joining in with the Daily Prompt ‘s once more. Hooray! I’ve been caught up with the Olympics again. […]

I wonder…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless. Helpless? Maybe more excited and confused. Definitely confused. Decisions are difficult to make. In the wee hours of this morning I […]

Edit out the habits: How to Improve Work

There are certainly a few recurring ‘snags’ as it were in the cloth of my carefully constructed words. By editing and work-shopping I’ve been lucky to identify the trends in […]

Scared of Reading?

As a writer I believe it is important that the words are clear and the meaning, vision of what I am saying is easy for the reader to picture. I’m […]

What A Weekend!

It’s Tuesday, but I’m convinced simultaneously that it should be bother earlier and later this week! Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Get Writing Conference 2014. […]

Back to this blogging thing…

So there are a number of things I could be writing about here. I’ve had some amazing, inspirational tutors in my writing MA. I’m trying to buy a house. There […]

Happy Birthday Mum!

There has already been one family birthday this week, but at a risk of jumping in before the Daily Prompt catches up with me, I would like to offer my […]