Have You Never Been Mellow?

So Today’s Daily Prompt was: Have You Never Been Mellow?

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

Well I have never been a marshmallow, but I’ve certainly been a squashed tomato! Seriously, Mum, we could have had much better ideas for my childhood Halloween costumes…
But how do I rewind after a long day? Well, I suppose I should stay that I kick back, get out my writing pencil and paper and scribble some epic words on a page. This is always the plan. Get some writing done, any writing, at least 100 words.
I never expected that being in my mid-twenties would make me so tired though! So wired! I feel like I’m constantly juggling projects and just about keeping everything up in the air. Fortunately, come the end of the academic year, some of these things will have come to an end – hooray!
So what do I do? I snuggle up with a TV box set (currently Castle) and watch an episode to decompress with the cats and Mr L.
My favourite ways to get into a proper, clear headspace to write though has to be to sit down with pen and paper at a desk. It doesn’t seem to matter if the desk is neat or messy, but it helps if there is no computer. I also have to turn off my phone, or at least put it away, or I’ll lose hours on candy crush or dragon vale and facebook.

Fibi xx