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Tag: writing advice

Tender – But Should We Be?

A response to today’s daily prompt of Tender I’ve been giving some careful consideration this week to the creation of characters, and the advice I could share on this. Tender […]

Our Line Through History

A response to today’s daily prompt: Trace. I love it when a Daily Prompt ties into something I want to discuss. Last week I went to see King Arthur. Not […]

Your First Impression

I’ve been able to tie these in together, which is always lovely. Today’s daily prompt was: Impression Over the last few months I’ve been considering how my blog looks and […]

Novel Writing – Starting Somewhere

Writing a longer piece of fiction can feel like setting off on an unchartered ocean. I’ve hopefully compiled a few ideas to stop you feeling Adrift So, you want to […]

Just One

None No words to grace the page or screen in several days. Well, that’s not strictly true but my blog has been a quieter adventure. With the bank holiday and […]

A prize for everyone!

A timely response to today’s prompt Champion When you’ve been working on a project for so long, you can be accused of developing tunnel vision. Your project is a culmination of […]

One word at a time

One word at a time. What a gem! This is brilliant advice and I’m determined that once I’ve stopped putting the words in (please let it be this weekend!) That […]